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Badminton Study Guide





  • A shuttle landing on the line is good
  • A shuttle hitting the net is good and play continues (including on the serve) if all other aspects of the play is legal
  • All players must be inside the lines of their respective service courts at the point of contact during the serve
  • A "let" is a situation requiring a replay/re-do



During the Serve it is a "fault" if:

  1. shuttle is struck higher than the waist
  2. head of the racket is not below server's hand holding the racket
  3. shuttle falls into the wrong service court or out of bounds
  4. shuttle falls before the short serve line
  5. server's feet are not in the correct service court
  6. receiver of serve does not have both feet in the correct service court
  7. server steps forward when serving
  8. receiver moves prior to the serve
  9. server intentionally balks, fakes, or feints
  10. part of both feet must remain in contact with the court in a stationary position until the service is made
  11. shuttle passes through, under, or gets caught on or over the net on the serve
  12. server attempts to serve and misses the bird completely


  • During Regular Play it is a "fault" if:
    1. player reaches over net to play the bird (follow through over the net after contact is legal)
    2. player hits the bird twice in one motion or momentarily holds or throws the bird
    3. player fails to return the bird to the opponent's court
    4. player obstructs, distracts, or hinders opponent
    5. player deliberately delays the game
    6. player touches the net with the racket, body, or clothes
    7. in doubles the receivers partner returns the serve
    8. shuttle passes through or under the net
    9. shuttle touches the ceiling or walls
    10. shuttle touches a person or their clothes




  • Games are played to 11  or 21 points
  • Rally scoring is used (a point is scored on every serve)
  • If the receiving team wins the rally it scores a point and will serve the next point
  • At 10 or 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins the game




  • Each time the serving team scores a point, the same server serves the next serve from the other side of their court
  • No player ever receives two consecutive serves
  • The serving team changes service courts only after scoring a point
  • A receiving team never changes courts
  • When the receiving team wins the rally it becomes their serve
  • Only the player served to may receive the service




-Serve behind baseline for serve.  Server cannot step on the line or jump with both feet off the ground while serving.


-Serve cross-court, same as badminton: only one chance to get a good serve.  The server always starts on the right side, serve underhand and contact below the waist.


-Serve diagonally, and it must land in the service court area (use doubles badminton lines).  Team that serves 1st gets only 1 serve. 


-A let is called if the serve hits the net, but goes into the service court.


-Double-bounce rule:  The serve must bounce, the return must bounce, and then it can be volleyed.


-Lines are good.


-Doubles games are to 11 points.  Must win by 2 pts.


Types of shots for both badminton and pickleball


Forehand-For right handed players, a stroke hit when the shuttle is on the right side of the body.

 Backhand-For right handed players, a stroke hit when the shuttle is on the left side of the body.

 Overhead-A Stroke in which the bird is contacted “Over Head” and ahead of the body

 Round the Head-An overhead stroke played on the left or backhand side of the body.


DRIVE: Purpose: A powerfully hit forehand or backhand stroke, which just clears the net. It is a difficult shot to return because the trajectory is a straight line.

CLEAR SHOT: Purpose: Defensive shot to move opponents to back of court to avoid offensive hit

DROP SHOT: Purpose:  The idea is to just drop the birdie/ball in short to catch opponent off-guard or too far back. 

SMASH: Purpose: The idea here is to smash the birdie/ball down hard and fast.