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Floor Hockey Study Guide

Floor Hockey Study Guide


Techniques for Play:


Dribble/Stick Handling: Use both sides of blade to control puck.

Passing: Lead your teammate with a pass (pass in front of them not to where they are at, but where they are going.

Centering the Puck: A pass to a teammate in front of the opponent’s goal


Forehand: shoots or passes with bottom hand pushing stick forward.

Backhand: shoots or passes with bottom hand pulling the stick forward

Wrist shot: using a flicking motion to move the puck (stick remains in contact with floor)


Clearing the puck: getting puck out of your zone to prevent opponents from scoring

Never clear in front of goal, clear out to the side



Face Off: Puck is dropped between centers and they attempt to pass to a teammate. Used to start each game, and after a scored goal

Power Play: when a team with all their players has an advantage over a team charged with a penalty that now must play with less players.



  1. Game begins with face-off at centerline
  2. Ball may be stopped by hand, but not thrown or advanced (cannot throw into goal)
  3. Ball may be advanced with feet, but may not kick into goal



High Sticking: When blade goes above waist on either backswing or follow through (including slap shots)

Off-sides: when a player is out of designated area for position (on the wrong side of the court)

Slashing: intentionally or unintentionally hitting with stick

Tripping/Hooking: use of stick to trip or hold back an opponent

Personal Foul: any kind of pushing, shoving, elbowing, or checking an opponent

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: taunting, cursing, etc.



Center: Player allowed moving the length of the floor. Also, leads the offensive plays.

-Wings or Forwards: Plays offense with the center. Must cross line right after face-off and must stay on offensive side of court the whole time.

-Defenders/Guards: Plays defense and must stay on own defensive half of court, may not cross center line.

-Goalie: must stay on own defensive half of court.  Goalie can use hands or feet outside of, or behind, his own goal box. Puck must touch own half of court when throwing in, 5 second hold limit.


Components of physical fitness

These components are needed to play and are improved through regular participation of floor hockey:

Cardiovascular Endurance                                 Agility

Coordination                                                      Reaction Time

Muscular Strength/Endurance                           Power