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Unit 2 Mental Health Unit Study Guide

Mental Health Review:

Depression Warning Signs:

Suicide Warning Signs:

Resources for help and how

they’ll help:

1. Feeling sad

1. depressed


1. teacher

Send you to a counselor

2. Loss of interest in stuff once enjoyed

2. change in eating or sleeping


2. counselor

Help you talk things out

3. Change in weight and appetite

3. withdraw from family and friends

3. staff member at school

Listen to you

4. Change in sleep

4. obsessed with death

4. parent

Love you

5. Feeling hopeless, or worthless

5. has a plan


6. giving away your stuff

5. adult family member-     Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt,…

Listen, support

6. tired or  loss of energy

7. self-mutilating

6. crisis phone line

Help you find local help

7. Thoughts of death or suicide

8. not interested in usual things

9. suddenly happy

10. impulsive

7. doctor

Prescribe anti-depressants























4. What to do if I see any of the above warning signs:  [  S  A  G  ]

            Show __you care__   2. Ask __the question__    3. Get  ____adult help__  

5. Long-lasting feelings of hopelessness/sadness that last longer than ___2___ weeks is called?  Clinical Depression


6. What are the two most common treatments for Clinical Depression?  Medication and counseling


7. What does it mean to be “resilient”?  To bounce back from hardships


8. What are the 3 OUTS for dealing with stress?  TIME OUT           WORK OUT            REACH OUT


(Be sure to know what you like to do in each “Out” and how it would help you.  Example:  listen to music because it helps me relax and takes my mind off of my troubles.