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Unit 3 Social Health Unit Study Guide

NAME : _______________________________________________                                  PER:_______

Social Health Unit Packet


1. What is empathy?    (it’s not “sympathy”)


1)  Identify with ________________________                   How do         __________ feel?

2)  Put yourself ________________________                     How would __________ feel?

3)  Respond and show your _______________           What can I   ___________?


4.) THE OPPOSITE OF EMPATHY IS: ________________


5.) EMPATHY I S A   ________________!!!

6. Often in middle and high schools we put kids in groups and label them. 

What labels do we have here at our school?


            -                                                                                   -

            -                                                                                   -

            -                                                                                   -

7. Why do we label?





8.   Stereotypes:  are generalizations used to define a group of people based only on

           ______________________________ of one or just a few members of that group.


9. What is the problem with stereotypes?



10.   Prejudices:     Stereotypes cause people to form prejudices.  To be prejudiced                                                    means to _____________________________ a person. 

11. It is a __________________________, or unreasonable opinion, almost always negative about someone because they are associated as part of a group of people. (often based on inaccurate information and not even knowing that person individually)

12. Racism is:  Discrimination or prejudices based on ______.                                                


13. Bigotry is:  Being intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from

            his/her own.

14. This is often the progression:   we label ……… we stereotype ……… we make fun of………. are mean ……. think we’re better than them ………. bully/harass ….……. prejudices ……. discrimination……. anger ……. Hate………. VIOLENCE


15. Self Esteem is:   __________________________________________________________________


16. List 2 ways to improve your self-esteem






What to Do When You’re Angry:


 Admit it if I have a problem and want to change.

Know how my body shows it’s getting mad (body cues):


Calm down in the heat of the moment:



  • Calm Self Down (think of a calm place)
  • Use reminder statements: back page...


  • Take deep breaths
  • Count backwards slowly
  • Control my mouth
  • use humor
  • put on headphones
  • Walk away!


Vent later in a positive way (Time out, Work out, or Reach out)



1. In your own words, write the definition of violence:




2. Now, copy the definition of violence:


            Violence is the use of      _____________________________________________________

            to ________________________, __________________________, or

            _________________________ oneself, others, or _____________________

3. What’s the big deal about Fighting?





4.     Don’t be passive                 *BE ASSERTIVE*                    Don’t be aggressive












5. Reminder Statements: (cool talk to yourself to calm down…)


  1. They’re not worth it                                           
  2. *I’m not going to give them power over me 
  3. It’s O.K.                                                        
  4. I don’t want to get in trouble              
  5. It could be worse                         
  6. I need to let it go                          
  7. I need to calm down                              
  8. I’m going to try to be positive 
  9. I’m going to show EMPATHY
  10. I’m going to my “happy” place
  11. It’s just so and so 
  12. Getting mad won’t help
  13. I’m wasting my time being mad
  14. I can handle this
  15. I need to think through the consequences
  16. I know I can change this           
  17. What is the outcome I want?
  18. I’m not going to let them bug me
  19. I’m in control
  20. I’m going to empty my mind
  21. Getting mad won’t change things
  22. I’m better than this situation  
  23. *It won’t matter a month from now



“S O   Q U I C” Conflict Resolution

  (Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions)



S – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step




O – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step




Q – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step




U – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step




I – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step




C – _________________________________________________________


Give one example of this step