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Final Project

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Final Project: Personal Health Plan

Each student will create a Personal Health Plan outlining things that they have learned in Health class.  The information that they need to have in their Personal Health Plan are outlined below.  This project will not be shared with others because it is meant to be a Personal Plan. 

Each section needs a title heading.

Complete sentences need to be used for all sections except Sections 4,5 and 9 can be in list form.

______ Title Page: Student Name, Class name and Period

______ Section 1: Mental and Emotional Health –Definition of mental and emotional health and give an example of how you will protect your mental and emotional health (10 Points)

______ Section 2: Social Health – Definition of social health and give an example of how you will practice good social health (10 Points)

______ Section 3: Nutrition – Go to myplate.gov and put in your information to find out how much from each category of the MyPlate that you need and the amount of daily calories that you need (10 Points)

______ Section 4: Nutrition – Create a meal plan for one day following the MyPlate guidelines for you. (10 Points)

______ Section 5: Physical Activity – How much do you need each day and create weekly exercise plan for yourself.  (15 Points)

______ Section 6: Resisting Peer Pressure – Give an example of a way that you resist peer pressure. (5 Points)

______ Section 7: Substance Abuse: Give 3 examples of how you personally can avoid using tobacco, alcohol and drugs. (10 points)

______ Section 8: Disease Prevention: Give 3 examples of how you can prevent contracting a communicable or non-communicable disease. (10 points)

______ Section 9: A list of unhealthy health habits to avoid (minimum of 10 items) (10 points)

______ Section 10: Personal Reflection: What unit in health class did you enjoy most and why? What activities/assignments did you like most? What information did you learn that changed your way of thinking?  What healthy behaviors will you practice now that you would not have before this class?     (10 Points)


***Email or share final project with me:   jeremy.crigler@williamstown.kyschools.us