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Mrs. Smith’s 3rd Grade Procedures



It is extremely important that you are here everyday possible.  However, in the event of an absence please have a parent/guardian send a note or doctor’s excuse explaining the absence from school on the next day back.  Makeup work will be left on your desk for you to complete.  It can also be sent home with a sibling, neighbor or sent to the office for someone to pick it up after school for you.  Work is due two days after the absence has occurred.  Please refer to the Attendance Policy for additional information regarding tardiness and detention.  “You miss school, You miss out!”


Homework packets will be given out every Friday in an assigned folder. You may work on your homework packet at your leisure, but it must be turned in by the next week on Friday morning. The purpose of homework is to practice and reinforce the skills that you are learning at school each week in the different content areas and to review important content from the previous week.  Homework will be compiled of review material and new concepts taught in language arts, math and other third grade related subjects. Please encourage your parents and/or guardians to stay actively involved with your schoolwork and homework.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the homework please let me know.  I will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

Class Work

Your completed class assignments from the previous week will be sent home in your folder with your homework every Friday. Work will be checked for accuracy and completion.  You may also receive some papers with number grades and some with comments on them.

Morning Work

Each morning there will be a morning message on the board or an assignment at your seat.  Morning work may consist of math drills/practice, daily paragraph editing, journal writing, etc. After morning work is completed you may also utilize this time for self selected reading, AR tests in the lab and book check in/checkout in the library.


Third grade will not be using a letter grading scale this year.  Our state has established a Primary Program Review in the new state accountability model.  The Primary Program language mandates a non-graded primary program from kindergarten to third grade.  A sample report card will go home within the first few weeks of school to familiarize you with the new report card changes.


Planners are a big responsibility for you in third grade!  Spelling words, tests, homework assignments, important events, etc. must be written in your planner before you leave so that parents are aware of what’s going on in third grade.   You will also record your behavior for that day in your planner.  You are responsible for getting your parents to look at your assignments and sign your planner every single night.  Your planner has important information in it and serves as a valuable means of communication between student, teacher and parents.  If you don’t have it signed---you move your clip!


A Classroom Newsletter will be sent home as needed to keep your parents updated on all the important information and exciting events taking place in third grade!

Behavior Expectations and Discipline Procedures

I have high expectations of my students.  I expect you to do your very BEST at all times!  School is a place for learning, and learning cannot take place if we are dealing with behavior issues. You will be given routines and procedures to follow so you know exactly what is expected of you.  I will be following the school-wide discipline program.

 0 clip moves= Great Day!

1 clip move= Warning

2 clip moves= Timeout

3 clip moves= Behavior Improvement Plan

4 clip moves= Phone Call Home

5 clip moves= Principal

6 clip moves= Meeting with principal and parents

7 clip moves= In-school suspension

8 clip moves= Out-of-School suspension

9 clip moves= Expulsion

Classroom Rules

  • The Golden Rule…Treat others the way YOU want to be treated!!
  • Be responsible
  • Give your best effort
  • Be honest…always tell the truth
  • Complete all assignments
  • Use good manners
  • Work cooperatively (listen, share)
  • Stay on task
  • Keep the classroom a BULLY FREE ZONE!!!!!!

4 in 4

When you hear me say “4 in 4” this means I will start to count backwards giving you four seconds to give me four things: stop what you’re doing, ears listening to me, mouth closed and eyes on me.


The class will take two restroom breaks throughout the day. One restroom break will be in the morning and one after lunch.  You are granted permission to use the restroom during class time as needed, but please do not interrupt me in the middle of teaching to ask permission to go to the restroom unless it’s an emergency.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is permitted in my classroom.  However, if I see it or hear it… you will have to spit it out!  This is a privilege, so chew responsibly!

Water Bottles

Water bottles are permitted in class as long as they are used properly.  I prefer the sports bottles with the pull cap top to prevent spilling.


Please keep at least four sharpened pencils with you in your pencil box at all times.  If your pencil breaks you may sharpen it in the morning before school starts, during transition times or at the end of the day before leaving to go home.  I will also keep a container of sharpened pencils at my desk to prevent any interruptions or distractions during class time to sharpen pencils.

Accelerated Reading

Each day you will have the opportunity to read self-selected books.  During this time you may choose AR books to read and take computerized tests on the books you have selected.  Many of the books in my classroom library are also labeled according to Lexile Levels, so you can choose the appropriate reading range. You will be given a bookmark with your Lexile Level.  We will create individual AR goals as well as class goals throughout the school year.  Please remember the importance of selecting books within your appropriate Lexile level/range and to focus on the accuracy/percentage of questions answered correctly on each test that you take.

Snack Schedule

We will have snack every Friday afternoon.  I will take care of the first class snack.  A snack schedule will go home next week in your folder.  I will notify you of the number of students in class and any food allergies to help you plan for your snack day.  If you cannot bring in snack please let me know, and I will gladly take care of it.

Birthday Treats

Please let me know if you would like to celebrate a birthday!!!!!!  This includes summer birthdays as well. Birthday treats are gladly accepted!!!!  However, please let me know in advance so that time can be set aside at the end of the day (around 2:30PM) to celebrate.

Contact Information

Parents and/or guardians can contact me at school via phone or email with any questions, comments or concerns.  I can also communicate with parents through planners.

Email= ashley.smith@williamstown.kyschools.us

School= (859) 824-3760                  Cell= (859) 983-7605