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K. Coleman


(859)824-4421 ext. 223



Welcome to FCS!

Welcome to Family and Consumer Science! I am excited to get the 2017-2018 school year started! This is my third year teaching at Williamstown Jr./Sr. High! I am the only FCS teacher at Williamstown and teach both middle and high school classes. I graduated from Williamstown in 2008 and love being back here to teach! I am married and have a 2-year-old daughter. We live on a farm in Corinth, where we have goats, chickens, and dogs. I am currently taking classes through EKU to earn my Masters degree.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You may reach me at the kendal.coleman@williamstown.kyschools.us  and (859)824-4421 ext. 223. There are no silly questions, and I encourage all students and parents/guardians to ask me when questions arise. I will make time for additional assistance and/or conferences when needed. I want our students to succeed and I am here to help!



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Classroom Management Philosophy

I want students to walk into my classroom knowing they are safe and cared for. Each and every student needs to know that they can come to me when they need anything. “Recall the teachers who have engendered the highest amount of love and respect from you. Were they the teachers with the largest personalities? Or the teachers who thought they were the coolest? Or was it a teacher who expressed a care or respect for you as a person?” (John Shindler) I want to be a teacher that students remember because they felt respected and cared for while in my classroom. But students also need to know that they are going to be challenged. They will have to work, be creative, be persistent, participate, and communicate. When students accomplish these things they will succeed.

According to Harry Wong, “Students do not learn when they are disciplined. They learn when the classroom is organized for learning and success.” I believe that if the classroom is organized the students are better able to focus on learning and growing. Class will be structured to better student success and accomplishment.

Rules and Consequences

  1. Use kitchen equipment under teacher supervision.

  2. Use language appropriate for gentlemen and ladies.

  3. Remember proper cell phone use in the classroom.

  4. Horseplay/ goofing off is intended for at home.

  5. Respect your classmates, yourself, the teacher, and the classroom.

Communication Plan

Email: kendal.coleman@williamstown.kyschools.us

Phone: (859)824-4421 ext. 223

Remind Codes: text the code below to 81010 (if having trouble try (859) 340-1734)

Jr. High FACS Essentials

FACS Essentials

Principles of Hospitality

Specialized Services in Hospitality





Please check Infinite Campus for grade updates. I will submit at least two grades per week. If there are behavior issues I will call parents (or email if phone is not available) at the end of the school day. If a formal conference is wanted by the parent/guardian please contact me.


  • Entering the room

    • Cell phones need to be put away, sit in your assigned seat, get bellwork out and begin working.

  • Tardies

    • Students who arrive late to any class (other than first period, which is considered tardy to school) will be considered tardy to class. Any student who is late to class for more than five minutes will be considered skipping and a discipline referral will be completed by the teacher of the class. Class tardies will be recorded by individual teachers and the Tiers of Behavior Intervention will begin. The process is briefly described below; further information can be found in Section 5 of the Student Handbook (located online or in the front of the planner).

    • 1st Offense – 3rd Offense: Teacher-Assigned Intervention (Tier 1 Behavior Intervention)

    • 4th Offense: Discipline Referral; Administrator-Assigned Consequence (Tier 2 Behavior Intervention)

    • 5th Offense: Discipline Referral; Administrator-assigned Consequence (Tier 3 Behavior Intervention)

    • *Any additional offenses will require a discipline referral upon each offense, and an administrator will assign an appropriate consequence, according to the Tiers of Behavior Intervention.

  • Absences

    • It is the student's responsibility to ask the teacher what they missed and collect work from absences.

    • Please see the Student Handbook for District rules regarding absences.

  • Hall Passes/Bathroom

    • Student will not be permitted to leave the classroom unless it is an emergency or they are being called for.

  • Pencil Sharpening/Throwing Trash Away

    • Students need to sharpen their pencil be class begins. They may also sharpen their pencil or throw things away once students have begun independent work. They are not allowed to do these things while the teacher is talking or giving instructions.

Standards-Based Grading

The purpose of standards-based grading is to effectively measure student mastery of the content standards. Under this grading procedure, letter grades have a true connection to students’ levels of proficiency in regard to the content area(s).

  • 80% of the student’s grade will be based on assessments, quizzes, major projects, labs, and/or writing assignments.

  • 20% of the student’s grade will be based on homework, classwork, and any other formative activities/assessments.

  • Students may have a “second chance” (Round 2) assessment for any major summative assessment.

  • In order to qualify for a Round 2 assessment, a student must complete a thorough test analysis based on their Round 1 test results. The test analysis will be completed by the student during class “Analysis Day.” While students may be able to work with classmates on Analysis Day, the student must be engaged in “productive struggle” in order to master the content needed to be successful on a Round 2 assessment.

  • All Round 2 assessments must be taken within 5 school days of the Round 1 test being returned and a “Test Analysis Day” being conducted during class time.

  • Round 2 will not be provided for quizzes.

  • All Round 2 assessments must be taken beyond normal school hours. (Students will not be permitted to miss any class in order to take a Round 2 assessment.) Students can take advantage of ESS.

  • When summative test scores are entered by teachers into Infinite Campus, the Round 1 score will be entered and will count against a student’s grade until the Round 2 test is taken.


Williamstown Independent Schools uses PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). We are focusing on rewarding students for following the HEAT expectations: Have Respect, Everyone’s a Leader, Act Kindly, and Take Responsibility. If students follow these expectations they will receive quarterly rewards, as well as, in class rewards. In class rewards will be things like: listening to music, picking their own seats, 5 min free time, assignment pass, etc.