Automated Communication

Last Updated: 9/17/2020 1:20 PM
INFINITE CAMPUS MESSENGER simplifies communications to parents, students and staff using Infinite Campus system data to immediately distribute a large volume of information via email, phone, or text.  


It is vital that any home address, phone, cell phone, email, and/or other contact preferences and family members be kept up-to-date through your Campus Portal “Household Information” and “Family Members” tabs so that information gets sent to the correct people.
Individuals have the option to receive text messages in addition to email, voice and/or Campus Parent accounts.  To turn on the text option, log into your personal portal account and place a check mark beside the text options in the "contact preferences" area of your portal. (For detailed instructions: in the right column, click "Choose Contact Preferences"  under the "How To" area  )