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Club W.E.S.


Welcome to 21st Century CCLC- CLUB W.E.S!  This is a club for Williamstown Elementary Students Kindergarten through fifth grade.  There are certain standards that we strive for in Club W.E.S.:

  • Access to high quality programming after-school
  • Increase academic achievement
  • Increase family engagement
    • Family Engagement includes adult-skill building classes, Club WES celebrations, and holiday parties!
  • Improve behavior in regular participating students
  • Increase educational opportunities for parents and families that support students' academic success.

Club WES strives to provide hands-on activities related to academics, enrichment, and social-emotional learning. These activities include, but are not limited to:

• Club WES Sport Days (group wide kickball, dodgeball, etc.)•

• Educational Board Game Days

• Guest Speakers

• Kind-Hearted Kids Program (teaches basic responsibilities by taking care of their own stuffed pet)

• Outdoor Academics/Classroom

…and much, much more!

Club WES also offers different “clubs” every quarter involving student interests. Some clubs we have had are:

• Arts and Crafts Club

• American Sign Language Club

• Coloring Club

• Cooking Club

• Engineering/Architect Club

• Pet Care Club

• Relaxation Club

• Sports Club

Club WES runs Monday through Thursday from 2:55-5:30, typically starting the Tuesday after Labor Day and runs until close to the end of the school year.

Club WES also offers morning tutoring from 7:30-8:00 before the school day starts.

Dismissal is by parent-pickup or through authorized pick-up. All first time pick-ups will be required to show their ID so we can ensure the safety of all children and make sure they get to where they need to be!  We also have parent pick-up in the back of the elementary school directly after programming is over.

Club W.E.S. is the best after school club ever!

For More Information Please Contact:

Toni Hampton- Program Coordinator