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Acceptable Use Policy - Staff




All full-time employees (and long-term substitutes) of Williamstown Schools will receive a district login and email.  Your email account will follow this template:

Your district email address will be created within 2-3 business days of  returning a signed employment contract, or on your first working day should you start sooner.

The Williamstown Ind. Schools have access to and use of the internet and e-mail as part of the instructional process. All employees and volunteers must sign an AUP (Access to Electronic Media Acceptable Use Policy) before direct access to the internet or electronic mail will be provided.

By signing this form, you understand that before your students can be given direct access to use the internet or email, parental consent is required. However, you, as an educator may use the internet during class directed group demonstrations with or without parental consent. After reading the AUP (Access to Electronic Media Acceptable Use Policy), and Acceptable Use Procedures for Electronic Resources, you also agree and understand that the Williamstown Ind. Schools access is designed for educational purposes only, that you will abide by the stated terms and conditions, and that should you commit any violation of the regulations it is considered unethical and you will be held accountable. Your access privileges may be revoked, disciplinary action as stated in the employees' contract/handbook may be taken, and/or it may constitute a criminal offense in which appropriate legal action may be pursued. All terms and regulations also apply when remotely accessing (i.e. Dial-up, VPN, etc.) any account through the Williamstown network.

Also, be advised that data stored in relation to such services is managed by the District pursuant to policy 08.2323 and accompanying procedures and that the e-mail address provided to your students can be used to access other electronic services or technologies that may or may not be sponsored by the District. These services can provide features such as online storage, online communications, collaborations, and instant messaging. Use of such services are subject to either standard consumer terms of use or a standard consent model.  Data stored in those systems, where applicable, may be managed pursuant to the agreement between KDE and designated service providers or between the end user and the service provider. Before your students can use these types of online services, he/she must accept that provider’s service agreement and, in certain cases, obtain parental consent.

To view the entire Acceptable Use Policy and/or Procedures click on the following links:

Blogs, social networks, websites and more have become common educational resources to share knowledge, express creativity and connect with others in 21st century learning. Williamstown Ind. Schools realizes the importance of these digital environments and supports participation using these online communities as long as the activities do not disrupt school operations and/or create negative reflections of our schools and district, its students, parents, staff, or community. Laws and courts have ruled that schools can discipline employees if their speech, postings, and etc. disrupt school operations. By signing this form, you understand that you have read the Use of Social Media Best Practices for Williamstown Ind. Schools Employees, you agree to abide by these guidelines and will not establish personal relationships with students online or otherwise and that it would be unprofessional to do so.

To view the entire Williamstown Independent Schools Use of Social Media Best Practices form click on the following link:

Your signature below authorizes the Williamstown Independent Schools, the School District and the school personnel, to release or use information about you. Including but not limited to: name, photograph, school work, audio/video production for any purpose, publications related to school functions and activities, the yearbook, on the school website banner and headings. 

You also expressly agree that at times during and after the school day, school personnel, news media, and/or other persons are permitted to interview, photograph, video, and/or record information about contests, student achievements, awards, and etc. These things may also be posted throughout the year on the school and district websites, teacher, administrator, and/or school social media, the public library website and/or other advertising for the public library. Such dissemination of information may occur on, but are not limited to, newspaper articles, radio announcements, TV stations, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, athletic forums, marquee signs, school newspaper, etc. 

Once signed and dated, this form shall provide permission for you anytime you are employed by the Williamstown Ind. School District. If you wish to revoke the permission you will need to notify the District in writing and then resubmit the online form outlining the proper permissions. You further agree that you forever release and discharge the District, its successors and assignees, of all claims and demands of any nature whatsoever, now or hereafter existing against the District and particularly any claim or demand against the District growing or arising from any dissemination of any information relating to you.  This Form is intended to be a full and effective Release of all protections of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g) and Kentucky FERPA (K.R.S. 160.700 et seq.) and shall constitute an effective release as provided for under K.R.S. 160.720

I understand the rights I am requesting in Infinite Campus will provide confidential student and/or staff information that will help me be more productive in my job.

By signing this document, I agree to the following:

  • I will not allow any unauthorized person, in or out of the Williamstown Independent Schools, to have access to confidential student and/or staff information.
  • I will maintain the confidentiality of the student and/or staff data I have access to.
  • I will not distribute to any unauthorized person, in or out of the Williamstown Independent Schools, any data or reports that I have access to or may generate using confidential information. 
  • I understand that I am responsible for any computer transactions performed with the Infinite Campus program as a result of access authorized by use of my sign-on/passwords(s).
  • I will not reveal any individually identifiable information furnished, acquired, retrieved, or assembled by me or others for any purpose.
  • I will report to my supervisor any known instances of missing information/data that has been inappropriately shared or information/data taken off site.
  • I understand and agree to carry out my responsibilities under the FERPA, HIPPA and any other laws that protect student and/or staff privacy.
  • I understand that any person who publishes, divulges, discloses, or makes known in any manner, information about student and/or staff information shall be fined or imprisoned or both.
  • The below parties acknowledges that student and/or staff information may be used only for the specific purposes it is intended to be used for; that unauthorized use of student and/or staff information or further disclosure to other persons or programs is prohibited and a violation of Federal laws which may result in civil and criminal penalties.
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By signing this form, you agree you have read the Social Media Best Practices, Access to Electronic Media Acceptable Use Policy, the Acceptable Use Procedures for Electronic Resources, the IC Confidentiality agreement, and the Media Release Policy; and that you understand the terms and conditions and will abide by them.

You also agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of the Williamstown Ind. Schools network, internet and e-mail access and to the type of Media Release consent you selected. Furthermore, you understand that violation of the regulations are unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should you commit any violation, access privileges may be revoked; school disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be pursued.

Please enter your valid email address to certify that the information contained on this form is correct, to authorize this as a legal, binding document and to receive a signed copy.

A copy of this signed agreement will be sent to your email address.
This number will be used to configure SMS Multi-Factor Authentication for your district account.
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