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W.I.S.E. Trust Fund

The Williamstown Independent School Educational Trust Fund (W.I.S.E) was incorporated in November 1989 to provide resources that will enhance the overall educational programs of the Williamstown Independent School system. Resources developed by the trust fund are used to strengthen the academic programs as the local community deems appropriate.  The use of these funds are directed by the Trust Fund Board of Trustees in conjunction with the school's faculty and administration.  The application of suplemental resources to the school system will provide a "competitive edge" for Williamstown students by making educational programs which are not availble through the normal state funding process.

Financial resources for the trust fund are obtained through corporate contributions, foundation grants, bequests and individual contributions.  The W.I.S.E Trust Fund has received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service  and all supporters and alumni of the Williamstown Independent School system are encouraged to consider making contributions and / or bequests as an investment in the future of our community.


Projects Funded by WISE Trust