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STAY INFORMED About District Weather Decisions

Winter weather is here, and Williamstown Independent Schools wants to remind students, parents, staff, and community of the many ways that you can stay informed about any decisions that are made regarding school closings or delays. You can use any or all of the following methods to stay informed.

1. District Calling System: In the event that schools are delayed or cancelled, the superintendent will send a recorded telephone message through the district's calling system. This message will be sent to the primary or "household" phone number listed in each family's data in Infinite Campus, the district student information system. If you're not sure that the correct phone number is listed as the "household" number in Infinite Campus, please check with your school's front office. If you have an Infinite Campus parent or student account, you can see your current information and (if you're a parent) request a change yourself by clicking on the  "Household Information" tab. Requests are usually approved within 24 hours.

2. Twitter: When schools are cancelled or delayed, the district also places a notice on the district Twitter site. If you're new to Twitter, directions for establishing a free Twitter account can be found here.  The twitter user name for Williamstown Independent Schools is: WtownInd. 

3. Text Message Alerts: You can also receive district tweets via text messaging by texting "Follow WtownInd" to phone number 40404. Any tweets sent out by the district will then be sent to your cell phone. Keep in mind that these include informative, recognition, and non-emergency tweets as well, and that if your cell phone plan charges for incoming texts, you'll be charged for these as well. If you subscribe to this service and then decide that you no longer wish to receive tweets via text, you can text "unfollow erlangerelsmere" to phone number 40404 and you will be unsubscribed.
To follow Williamstown Superintendent Misty Middleton, text "Follow wtownsuper" to phone number 40404.

4.  Website:  An alert will be visible at the top of our website showing our closing status.  This alert will appear on all district and school webpages.

5. Facebook: If you're a frequent Facebook user, you can "Like" the Williamstown Independent Schools Facebook Page.  Any cancellations or delays will appear on your Facebook News Feed, or you can go directly to the district facebook page for updates.

6. Watch the TV news or listen to the radio: If all else fails, you can always watch the list of school closings on TV or listen on the radio. Please remember that the Williamstown Independent School District is an independent school district and not part of any county school system.

7. Check the local news' websites:
As an alternative to watching on TV, most of the local stations include an online version of their school closing crawlers. Here are a few: